Consultations will take place at your home in your garden. We encourage clients to gather photographs of garden designs that appeal to them to give us an idea of their desired style. The consultation will take approximately 1 ½-2 hours.  During this time, we will discuss your preferences in bloom colors, plant heights and amount of desired maintenance. We will walk the area, noting your existing landscape and any ideas you may have for changes or additions. We will discuss potential plant, tree and shrub species that could be included in a design drawing. As part of the consultation, we can mark the designed shapes of the garden beds with landscape flags as a visual aid.

If you would like detailed drawings of the design ideas, we will photograph and measure the area during the design consultation. An estimate will be given at the time of the consultation for the cost of scaled design drawings. 

Design Drawings

The design drawing allows for more thoughtful creativity in the design process. We will prepare a scaled drawing with plant, tree and shrub species selected for each area of the landscaping. If there is additional interest in hardscaping, raised beds, trellises or fencing, we will include design concepts with the drawings. After the drawings are complete, we will schedule an additional appointment with you to: 1) present the drawings with a slide show of the selected plants, trees and shrubs; 2) explain the estimate for the cost of the plant material, installation and seasonal maintenance; and 3) implement any changes to the drawings suggested by the client. 


The installation process includes any removal of existing landscaping, site preparation, and procurement and installation of plants, trees, and shrubs.  Oversight for any contracted work such as hardscaping or carpentry is included in the installation process.


Maintenance can include mulching, weeding, pruning, dividing and transplanting perennials, and replacement planting. This can be scheduled on a weekly, monthly or seasonal basis based on the size of the garden and the client’s budget. We are always open to working alongside clients during the installation process or maintenance, as some clients are gardeners themselves or would like to learn more about gardening through the process.

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